Senior Pastor

Sean and Jennifer came to First Assembly during the Summer of 2016. They bring with them a passion to see God's church grow, for people who are disconnected from God, or displaced from the church to be reached and ultimately lives changed. That commitment to seeing lives and families changed for generations, and for eternity drives everything they do. They believe that as the culture moves further from God, it's more important than ever to reach out TO people, to go where they are, and to build real, authentic relationships and to serve them. 

Sean and Jennifer are proud to be high school sweethearts and have three wonderful sons - Barry, Andrew and Jackson. While moving their family from the cold climate of Wisconsin to the Florida Panhandle was a big adjustment, it definitely has its perks. As someone that enjoys outdoor activities like golf, hiking and fishing, the warm weather is quite welcome. 

Sean and Jennifer enjoy spending time together, whether it's a date night at a beachside grill, or a day spent in Destin with the whole family. They enjoy trying new restaurants, shopping and soaking in the sun on the beautiful beaches. As a family, they aren't loyal to any one college football team, but when it comes to rooting for the Green Bay Packers - it's no joke.



Youth and Family Focus Director

Jayme and Hailey joined the First Assembly team in January 2017. Their main focus is communicating God's love for teens in a way that relates to them in their current stage of life. They believe the church shouldn't wait for people to come to them but the church should reach people where they are. Jayme is a high energy speaker who holds the attention of teens and delivers the life changing gospel in a relevant way. Hailey is missions driven and educates teens on how they can reach out to their community and beyond. Both Jayme and Hailey are from the Florida Panhandle and enjoy going to the movies and and playing arcade games.